What We're All About
The Internet could be a lot more than a way to share pictures of cats. Instead of blasting a fire hose of one-size-fits-all mass-market content at us, it could dramatically open up creative expression, putting people in touch with many more talented artists than the tiny subset of anointed global mega-celebrities that conventional record labels, publishers, and galleries currently allow to reach to us.
Pinpointer's mission is to make this possibility a reality.
To accomplish it, we've developed advanced social content curation software and techniques, which utilize a wide variety of independent people whose taste other people value to perform two core functions that up to now, only traditional companies like record labels and publishers have been even passably competent at:
  • Discovering good content
  • Letting people know it's out there
By doing this in a way that serves everyone's needs better, we believe we can break the grip of the companies that currently dominate the delivery of creative content to the public.
Our primary focus at this point is on music.